Cinco de Mayo Fiesta is Friday

The All Cultures Equal English Language Students invite everyone to the first inaugural county-wide Cinco de Mayo Fiesta this Friday, May 2, from 7 p.m. until midnight at ACE, 1440 East Second Street, Webster City. Students and Webster City’s five Mexican restaurants and grocery stores are preparing authentic Mexican food and non-alcoholic beverages. Gabriel Sosa Dominguez is the DJ with festive music and lights.

Cinco de Mayo is a United States and Mexican celebration of freedom, democracy, and Mexican Heritage. The “fifth of May” holiday came about following the American Civil War to gain freedom from French control. It is not Mexico’s Independence Day which happens September 16. Cinco de Mayo started in Mexican-American communities across the United States and eventually became a nationwide celebration. It is celebrated very little in Mexico. We are hoping that this first year celebration at ACE will become a larger annual community and county event.

Cinco de Mayo is a family celebration to bring the community together to celebrate Mexican cuisine, music, and culture. Start the celebration with a sampler at ACE on Friday night, then eat and party through May 5 at Webster City’s Mexican restaurants and grocery stores. There is a $5 entry fee for ages 13 and up and a $1 entry fee for ages 12 and under. The food is $3 per plate and includes one traditional but non-alcoholic beverage. Popcorn and lemonade will also be available. All proceeds will keep the all classes going at ACE.