Serving responsibly

A Hamilton County business recently completed training to help prevent unsafe drinking habits at their establishment.

Flocky’s Tap in Stanhope received certificates on Thursday afternoon which signified that several of its servers had gone through Training Intervention Procedures, TIPS, training. Katherine Flockhart, owner of Flocky’s Tap, and three employees participated in the training. She said the training taught them about how different factors affect a person’s level of intoxication.

“People just kind of think, ‘Oh, he’s a big guy, he can handle this.’ They don’t actually think of whether they eat, whether they have water, whether they’ve been out working all day and they’re exhausted, things like that do affect how much alcohol a person can consume.”

The class was hosted by Community and Family Resources at Flocky’s Tap. Mickie Shubin, prevention specialist, said the class can be provided to businesses at little or no cost to people in Hamilton County who serve alcohol. Flockhart said that Community and Family Resources worked well with her to set up the class for her and Flocky’s Tap employees.

“Other businesses would kind of be missing out if they didn’t do it because you do learn things that you don’t know just on a general, daily basis,” Flockhart said.

Businesses interested in participating in a TIPS training class can contact Shubin at 832-5432.