Moving forward in Webster City

About a hundred people are expected to attend this year’s Keep Iowa Beautiful Conference at Webster City Community Theatre today.

The statewide organization helps communities and groups with cleanup and beautification projects and provides anti-littering programs. Their annual conference today will host sessions on topics from art to nature and economic development. Jim Dittoe, author of “90 Days to a Winning Community,” is the featured speaker.

Janet Adams, member of the local conference committee, said the public can attend provided they pay the registration fee of $50 for the event.

Adams, who has worked for months in preparation for the conference, said it’s exciting for the statewide organization to host their annual conference in Webster City.

“We’ve had people register from Davenport, Council Bluffs, all across the state,” Adams said. “They’ll be here gathering information, networking and doing a variety of things that people who are concerned about keeping Iowa beautiful are interested in,” Adams said.

More information about the conference can be found on the group’s website at