More than just a name change

A Webster City car dealership made some changes this spring. MotorInn of Webster City is now known as Webster City Auto Center. And as the name has changed, so has the focus of the business, according to one owner.

Owner and general manager Randy Denning said he and another owner decided to break away from the MotorInn Auto Group, a multi-store chain based out of Northwest Iowa.

“Basically all the proponents were based in dealerships out of our area. We wanted to concentrate on Webster City and the surrounding area and on building the dealership into something we wanted it to become,” Denning said. “The larger group kind of stretched everything a little thinner and was not quite as effective.”

Denning said he felt the change in ownership will affect customers in a positive way.

“We will be more focused on Webster City and the surrounding area only,” he said. “Everybody working here at the dealership is from this area and all the money goes right back into area instead leaving and going to Northwest Iowa. Our focus is on the people here.”

Like many other industries, the auto business has been flooded with technology and many options for consumers. Denning sees that as a great advantage for those looking to purchase a new care or truck.

“Many new products are coming out with lots of technology. It actually puts a smile on your face when you see everything you can do in these new vehicles,” he said.

“Technology moves very fast, he said. What used to take 10 years, now takes six months. There’s such a difference in both trucks and cars,” according to Denning. “People are always looking for ways to connect through the Internet. It’s very exciting to see all of this new technology in our cars and trucks.”

Denning said the new technology also requires highly trained salespeople who can help customers decide which autos best fit their driving and technology needs. Webster City Auto Center currently has four salespeople on staff – Dave Clark, Tony Tempel, Patrick Coons and Jake McCoy. Denning said McCoy’s technology background is a plus for the dealership.

“He’s very knowledgable of what’s going on in the digital and internet world. He can help position us so we are able to do business in that area,” Denning said.

In addition to new cars, Webster City Auto Group also has a large selection of pre-owned and program cars.

“We’re still very active in buying program cars for people who wish to save a little money over a new vehicle,” he said. “Plus, we always trade for the nicest trade-ins in the area – low miles, in good shape. We pride ourselves in having cars in every price range, from $2,995 on up.”

A knowledgable service department has always been an important element of the dealership.

“When this was Motor Inn of Webster City, we built the business around our service and the fact that people can bring their cars here and feel safe and secure that they will be treated well and the cars will be fixed properly,” he said. “Service will continue to be a big part of the dealership.”

Denning said the dealership is also able to notify customers when their cars need service. “It’s all part of the technology revolution going on,” he said.

Those service reminders may come as a welcome heads up for some customers who otherwise might forget about routine maintenance, he said.

“Those notices give people a chance to plan ahead a little and get their service scheduled,” he said.

As summer approaches, Denning said the service department will be busy getting autos ready for warm weather driving.

“You want to make sure the coolant levels are in good shape, the air conditioner is working well, tires are properly inflated and oil changed,” Denning said.”

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