Sups hear cemetery update

Jackie Frederick of the Hamilton County Cemetery Preservation Society gave a report to the Hamilton County Board of Supervisors Tuesday morning and outlined what her organization had done in the past year.

There are six identified pioneer cemeteries in Hamilton County, according to Frederick. A pioneer cemetery is one which has less than 12 burials in the past 50 years. The six pioneer cemeteries are Boe Cemetery, south of Randall; Ellsworth-Clear Lake Township Cemetery, between Randall and Stanhope; Old Randall Cemetery, north of Mt. Olive Cemetery in Randall; Homer Cemetery, east of Homer; Hetland Cemetery, southeast of Ellsworth and Zion Cemetery, northeast of Stanhope.

Frederick said the preservation society sponsored a cemetery walk in the Homer Cemetery las June. About 35 people from around the county turned out for the walk. Highlights of the tour included trying dowsing rods to locate unmarked graves and also visiting the gypsy graves at the back of the cemetery.

Preservation society members have spent many hours clearing out brush, cleaning and repairing old grave stones, Frederick said. Township trustees handle the mowing duties for the cemeteries, she said. Signs have been purchased for the pioneer cemeteries and will be placed near the entrance of each.

In other board business, Dr. Mark Andrew was appointed to serve the unexpired term of Dr. Mark Dearden on the Hamilton County Board of Health. Andrew has previously served on the board.