Celebrating George Reeves

The Friends of the George Reeves Memorial will be hosting a Superman movie marathon at JunqueFest this weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. each day, members of the group will be showing a variety of films related to George Reeves and his iconic role as the original Superman. Veronica Guyader, who has been with the group since its founding in October of 2005, said the marathon is being hosted along with other monthly festivities to celebrate the 100th birthday anniversary of Reeves.

The original Superman Movie, starring Reeves, will be shown twice this weekend. Guyader said the movie was developed to promote the television series, “The Adventures of Superman.” Episodes of the series, a documentary that celebrates the series, and a video the group put together in 2006 which documented the George Reeves Memorial Festival, will also be shown during the marathon.

The event is being used to help raise funds to reopen the Webster Theater. Guyader said The Friends of the George Reeves Memorial have helped raise funds for groups that have hosted them for the group’s monthly events this year. Donations at the marathon will go toward the Help Entertain and Restore Organization to reopen the theater.

Additionally, a number of prints will be made for sale with proceeds going to HERO. The prints, made by Tony Bolton of Columbus, Ohio, depict Superman digitally imposed into local scenes in Webster City, Woolstock and other communities.

Hosting the marathon at Wilson Brewer Park has a special meaning for the fans of George Reeves. Guyader said Reeves was born as George Keefer Brewer. He was two-years-old when his parents divorced and his mother cut him of from his Brewer relatives. Wilson Brewer himself was his great-great grandfather.