A special flag

First graders at Pleasant View School had a special visit Friday morning and received a flag that had flown on missions aboard a military plane.

Capt. Will Mason, a Webster City High School graduate, visited with the students at the school. He answered questions about flying planes, military service and also thanked them for writing to him.

Last Christmas, Mason’s aunt, Korrine Nelson,who teaches at the school, sent a packet of letters from students in Michael Ross’ class to Mason. The captain shared the letters with members of his crew.

“I passed them out at a crew briefing one day before a mission,” he said. “There were some candy bars in there, too, and everybody got one.”

The crew wrote responses back to the students, thanking them for their letters. When Mason’s squadron commander heard about the letters, he also wrote to the students and sent a squadron T-shirt and other souvenirs.

In addition, Mason sent a flag to the school which flew during a mission in January.

“It flew on an operational reconnaissance mission over Afghanistan,” Mason said.

Now stationed out of Omaha, Mason and his aunt set up a visit so that he could help the students raise the flag at Pleasant View. The visit just happened to coincide with Memorial Day.

“I hope the students understand the meaning of Memorial Day,” he said. “I want them to remember that there’s still people dying in the world in wars. Bad things are still happening to Americans aboard.

“I hope people remember why we are able to have a nice holiday weekend here in the United States,” Mason said.