A pizza of my own

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Holidays are a a great reason to spend some time with family, and spending some time with family is a great reason to make up some good food.

Before visiting the folks in Missouri this weekend, I realized that it would be a rare opportunity to make them a good meal. It would also be the most timely visit to celebrate Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, both of their birthdays and anniversary. I had to come up with a good dish for an all-out “dinnergeddon” on this visit.

With little more than a few ideas and a car full of hastily taken clothing, I made the seven-hour drive there. When Saturday came around, my last full day there, I took those ideas to a local grocery store and started working. However, I couldn’t find everything I needed for any of those meals to work. Thinking on my feet, I decided there are two universal things that my family likes: pizza and BLT sandwiches.

At the time, I hadn’t endeavored to make up a pizza. It was something I’d rather trust to one of several good restaurants we have in Webster City. But, it was really easy. I didn’t make the dough from scratch, but I grabbed a couple premade, thin pizza crusts and figured I could make it work. With that, I also bought some mayo, specifically the stuff with olive oil, some lettuce, bacon and tomato, a couple sides and went back home.

While preheating the oven to the amount the crust recommended, I cooked up three slices of bacon. When the bacon cooled enough for handling, I cut it into small pieces and collected them in a bowl. I also minced two roma tomatoes and collected them in another bowl. The lettuce I bought was preshredded. I think some minced spinach could also add some flavor, but that’s an idea for another time.

Before putting the crust in the preheated oven, I used a brush to spread some olive oil over the top. I didn’t measure out anything specifically, but it would be best described as a light spattering. Then, I brushed a small layer of mayo over the crust. With the olive oil and mayo added, I put the crust in the oven for three minutes to let the olive oil and mayo bake in a little bit.

After those three minutes, it was time to add the rest of the ingredients. I pulled the crust out of the oven and added the tomatoes, bacon and lettuce in that order. Since this isn’t a solid recipe, yet, I looked to add a good sprinkling of bacon and tomato and a large layer of lettuce. I tossed on a sprinkling of tomato and bacon on top of the lettuce for looks. Then, I put the pizza back in the oven for nine more minutes. Of course, that time depends on the crust and size of the pizza, so you might have to play around with it depending on your crust.

The pizza got good reviews from my family. Now, I’m thinking about all the different things I can throw onto a pizza and make myself since it was so easy to make that BLT pizza. If you haven’t tried it yourself, it might be worth a go if you can stand your oven making your dwelling a bit hotter this summer.