County treasurer candidates make their cases at forum

The League of Women Voters of Hamilton County hosted a forum on Thursday with two candidates seeking the Republican nomination for county treasurer.

Candidate Joni Hilpipre is a lifelong resident of Webster City. Hilpipre said she began working at the Treasurer’s Office in 1975. Since then, she has worked with five county treasurers.

“With my experience, I will able to take over the office of treasurer immediately without any interruption of service to Hamilton County,” Hilpipre said.

Candidate Mike Myers grew up in Webster City. He began working out of High School and later went back to school and received a business administration and finance degree and a pre-law degree. Myers said has enjoyed working at local businesses including Shopper’s Supply and Casey’s because he gets to interact with the public.

“I would like to be the county treasurer because I’ve got a lot of leadership background and I would like to lead this office into the future,” Myers said.

When asked by moderator Pat Powers what, if any, changes the candidates would make at the office, Hilpipre said she could see office employees participating in more cross-department training. While Hilpipre said she is open to other changes, she said the office is currently running well.

Powers also asked candidates questions submitted from an audience of about 30 people. Myers was asked about one of his advertisements which said that he intends to make the treasurer’s office a “lean” office. Myers said lean can mean reducing the amount of office supplies used to the number of staff at the office. Myers he’s not sure that staff cuts will happen, but efficiency is something that has to be shared by all of the people in an office.

“We have to count every nickel and be accountable for every nickel,” Myers said.

In her closing statement, Hilpipre said she worked her way up from clerk to assistant treasurer over 39 years and looks to continue serving Hamilton County.

“I know my job, I know how to run the office and I have a good working relationship with my co-workers,” Hilpipre said.

In Myers’ closing, he asked for people to cast their votes in the Republican primary election on June 3.