WC family attends cannabis bill signing

DES MOINES – Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad signed a number of bills on Friday, enacting into law significant policy changes for the state including a bill that legalizes the use of cannabis oil to treat severe epilepsy.

Dozens of mothers and their children with epilepsy gathered for the cannabis oil bill signing.

“This bill received tremendous support and truly shows the power of people talking to their legislators and their governor about important issues to them and their families and their children,” he said.

The mothers lobbied frequently and convinced Branstad to call governors of Utah and Alabama, conservative states where similar bills had passed. The women gradually changed the minds of legislators who had concerns legalization of any form of marijuana would send the wrong message.

The law, which takes effect July 1, narrowly allows the use of oil derived from the cannabis plant if it’s prescribed by an Iowa neurologist for a form of epilepsy. The families must buy it in other states where it can be legally produced.

“I guess we’ll see how it works but it gives some hope to some families that were very concerned,” Branstad told reporters after he signed the bill. “You have to have empathy for these families. A lot of credit goes to the mothers that worked so hard … and convinced us all this is something they should have an opportunity to do in the state of Iowa.”