Mr. Krajewski goes to Des Moines

Jam of the Week: “Marquee Moon” by Television

In the continuing adventures of Jim getting a chance to attend important events, I visited the state capitol on Friday to cover Branstad’s signing of the cannabis oil bill.

Of course, my opportunity to attend wasn’t entirely by chance. I had worked hard on a couple stories pertaining to cannabis oil leading up to the bill’s signing. Still, a message informing me that I was on the head count list for the bill’s signing came as a pleasant surprise.

I hadn’t been to the capitol prior to last week. I’ve visited Des Moines a few times before. The most memorable visit included a day trip through downtown with lunch at Zombie Burger. I haven’t eaten yet today and I’m too hungry to tell you all about how ridiculously good their hamburgers are. Check it out if you haven’t.

This trip, of course, was a bit more serious. It wasn’t necessarily too hard to get there. I traveled through construction, got past security after a nave question about my camera going through the bag scanner, and found my way to the second floor of the capitol building where the bill was to be signed. As much as I would have loved to have tagged along with a tour group of the beautiful building, I also knew that I had to stake out a spot to get photos amongst the horde of television cameras that were set up.

I didn’t know what to expect having no prior experience with covering a formal bill signing, or anything really, at the capitol. I felt like a tourist, craning my head to look at the capitol dome. I didn’t stare too long not out of fear for looking like a newbie. Rather, for concern that I would miss something going on. But, a formal bill signing is pretty cut and dry. Branstad spoke. Branstad signed the bill in front of a large group of families. Branstad shook hands and met with those in attendance.

However, he did note as he was signing the bill that he couldn’t recall having such a high number of cameras in front of him for a signing before. The signing might have been routine, but the bill he signed into law was hardly that.

Sometimes it’s difficult to not become emotionally invested in the stories published in the paper. It’s especially difficult when you see how someone struggles with something firsthand. It was difficult to not be happy for Kyleigh and her family as Branstad signed a bill that could lessen her struggle. Many more families with their own struggles shared their own stories at a press conference after the signing.

The event at the capitol, the story of the bill’s signing and hearing about the future of these families of children with epilepsy is something that you and I could have found in news outlets across Iowa. For me, it was special to see it all happen firsthand. I hope, in that story and others, I’m able to bring you as close to that experience as possible. You deserve it. I really appreciate the feedback I’ve had from those around me on those cannabis oil stories and many others. Thank you.

On a quick side note, since I’ve been keeping busy I haven’t tried any new recipes worth noting lately. As always, keep the suggestions coming.