A timeless memorial for vets

To the Editor:

I wish to say thank you to Hamilton County Supervisor Doug Bailey and the local news media for mentioning me as helping with ideas for the 34th Infantry Red Bull Division Memorial that was dedicated on May 23.

All that American Legion Post 191 did at a past monthly meeting was to suggest to Supervisor Bailey, who was there seeking ideas for the memorial, that to make the memorial timeless, no names should be written on it, and the aord “all”?used instead.

A?big credit also goes to Nancy Kayser, who did much of the historical research and to Tim Adams of Stony Creek Landscaping for doing the beautiful sculpture.

Earlier this year, while rereading Homer Ankrum’s book, “Dogfaces Who Smiled Through Tears,”?I?came across the following information near the book’s end which to me only enhances the accolades of America’s 34th Infantry Division. I quote directly:

“Adding to their unique laurels they had accepted the surrender of the enemy’s like designated 34th division, an unbelievable accomplishment.”

As far as I know, this was the only American combat division in World War II to have done this.

Leo Lanctot

Public affairs officer

American Legion Post 191