Science in the library

You may have heard about an educational push for integrating more STEM or STEAM content in schools. But did you know that the library is another great place to expose the child in your life (or even yourself) to the concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math?

One way the library works to incorporate these ideas is through Science Club, the after-school program for kids in grades two through five. In Science Club, kids make hypotheses and perform experiments, learning along the way (oh, and don’t forget the snack).

Another way we are promoting STEAM is through our Summer Reading Program for kids. This year the theme is “Fizz, Boom, READ!” Kids will be learning about science throughout the summer with a variety of programs and performers. Highlights will include astronomy for kids, pop bottle rocket building, and a visit from the Des Moines Science Center. Visit the library or our website,, for more information.

Want to take STEAM home with you? Try checking out some of these items:

“Science Experiments That Surprise and Delight: Fun Projects for Curious Kids” by Sheri Bell-Rehwoldt

Great for those just getting started in the world of at-home science experiments. Use items you already have around the house for fun and exciting results. Plus, make sure to check out the helpful explanations of all the science behind the experiments.

“While You’re Waiting For the Food to Come: A Tabletop Science Activity Book: Experiments and Tricks That Can Be Done at a Restaurant, the Dining Room Table, or Wherever Food Is Served” by Eric Paul Muller

Think you don’t have time for science experiments? Think again! Next time you are waiting for your food to come at your favorite restaurant, this book can provide you with a way to keep the kids entertained and help them expand their science knowledge.

Amazing Science! [DVD]

This educational DVD covers a wide variety of scientific concepts, from electricity to buoyancy. Kids can watch as the DVD provides step-by-step examples and explanations of the science behind the experiment, or the family can join in to conduct their own experiment since the DVD provides a complete material list for each experiment.

“Bathtub Science” by Shar Levine

Another great way to multi-task, this book will have your kids more excited for bath time than they’ve ever been before! In the middle of getting clean, you and your kids can make a wave machine, learn how submarines work, and more.

These are just the beginning of great STEAM resources at the library. Make sure to stop by for the great STEAM programming opportunities and take some of the resources home with you as well.