Volunteers help with courtyard project

Volunteers helped to haul donated river rocks into the courtyard of Van Diest Medical Center on Thursday.

The rocks will be used to visually improve the courtyard, according to VDMC Public Relations Director Lori Foster. Ingraham Construction donated over two truckloads of rocks for the project.

On Thursday, members of the Town and Country Garden Club and the Van Diest Medical Center Foundation were assisted by Webster City High School wrestlers, soccer players and their coaches who helped bring the rocks from the parking lot into the courtyard.

In addition to money from the VDMC Foundation, the project was funded through a $500 donation from the Town and Country Garden Club and personal contributions which were earmarked for courtyard improvements, Foster said.

Stony Creek Landscapes is assisting with the design and completion of the project. Foster said the VDMC Foundation will fund the remaining expenses to enhance the outdoor space by adding a dry river bed, sod and lighting.