Renovations begin

BRUSHY CREEK – For visitors to Brushy Creek State Recreation Area this summer, there are couple of items that they can safely leave at home – their swimsuits and beach balls.

The swimming area is closed for renovations.

Amber O’Neil, park manager, said that the work being done is part of a multiphase reconstruction project.

This summer’s work: “We’re moving the parking lot and putting in new restrooms,” she said.

The work will require that the area be closed to park visitors for the duration of the season. Other additions to the beach area that will be done in later phases are a cabana, concession area, lodge and a shelter.

She said that she appreciates visitors’ patience and understanding. When the work is done, it will be worth the wait, she said.

“It will be a really nice area,” O’Neil said.

The new swimming area will offer guests additional activities and places to enjoy the outdoors.

Throughout the year, the park offers a host of programs and activities including fishing, hiking, hunting, a shooting range, camping – for both people and their horses – plentiful opportunities for watching and photographing wildlife and even a few secret places to hunt morels in the spring.

The recent heavy rains have also forced the closing of several trails in the park to bike and equestrian use.

O’Neil said that closing the trails after heavy rains is common. By not allowing their use, it helps prevent erosion and maintenance issues and keeps things safer for guests.

“We have some very steep hills,” she said.

The all-weather Lake Trail, which is paved with gravel, remains open.