Under new management

DAYTON – A Dayton medical clinic is up and running again after the previous operators closed the facility.

The clinic, located at 24 S. Main St. in Dayton, opened Monday.

It is operated by the Community Health Center of Fort Dodge and staffed by a nurse practitioner, registered nurse and receptionist.

Nurse Practitioner Sherry Buske said the clinic will treat “everything.”

“We see everybody from kids to geriatrics,” Buske said. “We handle vaccines, suturing, minor casting, and IV treatments.”

She also conducts home and nursing home visits, and she plans on offering programs through the clinic, which also features several changes from the previous one, which was operated by Van Diest Medical Center.

One new feature of the clinic is a pay scale, according to Buske.

“It starts at $20 and there’s a $40 maximum cash out of pocket rate,” she said.

Technology is also playing a bigger role in the clinic.

“We’re all electronic, which is something we did not have before,” Buske said. “We use e-prescribe now where we can order online and they’ll deliver what we need right to us.”

She added that their first day Monday was very busy.

“Everyone came in at once,” Buske said. “We had a number of walk-ins and pharmacy refills.”

The technology wasn’t also completely set up yet, but despite that, everything went smoothly.

“They were all seen,” Buske said.

Registered nurse Lori Thompson said there are already plans to add more to the clinic.

“The town is working on fundraising money for an X-ray,” Thompson said. “We’ll also have a lot more in-house lab testing.”

Buske said that will help the patients.

“It really opens up access to care,” she said. “And it’ll really help people who can’t afford health care.”

Kris Murray will also be joining the clinic as its receptionist, something the previous clinic didn’t have.

“We’re really excited about her,” Buske said.

She added that she’s looking forward to the future for the clinic.

“We’re going to see growth and bring services to town that they’ve never had before,” Buske said. “We’re hoping that we can also start focusing on the youth.”

The Van Diest Medical Center-operated clinic closed in late June after a vote by the hospital’s board of trustees in March. Leaders with the medical center cited an anticipated $70,000 annual loss as the reason for the closure.

Following this decision, a five-member committee of Dayton residents led an effort to replace the Van Diest clinic.

On April 9, members of the Dayton City Council voted to endorse an effort to secure a contract with the Community Health Center.

The board members of the Community Health Center of Fort Dodge voted unanimously April 22 to approve the satellite office in Dayton.