Heroes come out in full force

The Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce hosted Be A Hero Summer Nights on June 20. The evening featured many activities including Building Families CAPP Program showering young kids with masks and capes, the Rotary Clube cooking burgers provided by Webster City Custom Meats, rides in the SkyJack, popcorn at the Webster Theater and lots of vendors sharing stories and supporting local nonprofits.

Be A Hero, Be The Match was also taking place. Be The Match, operated by the National Marrow Donor Program, is a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to helping every patient get the life-saving transplant they need. There are three donor recipients in our community today whose lives have been saved. There are a couple of people who are waiting for stem cell transplants in town, too.

A 50/50 Raffle tickets were sold and $400 was raised. Half went to Be The Match and the winner of the raffle was Troy Thilges. Troy turned right around and donated his winnings to a local young man who is right now at Rochester, MN to receive a stem cell transplant. Peterson Construction brought down their skyjack and gave rides up over the top of the buildings. A total of $362 was raised and half of these funds went to Be A Match and half went to local people who are waiting for transplants.

Seventy percent of patients who need a transplant do not have a matching donor in their family. They depend on Be The Match and supporters like you to find a match to save their life. 38 young people between the ages of 18 and 44 participated that evening and signed up to be included on the donor registry. At any given time, about 7,500 Americans are actively searching the national registry for an unrelated donor. Only 2 percent of population is on the national registry.

First American Bank has set up an account to accept donations and half of those donations are given to local people who need them. The other half goes to Be A Match. Area residecan also donate online and go to www.BeTheMatch.org and use promo code WCSN2014 before July 31 to be included in the Webster City drive numbers.