Two years going strong

Jam of the Week: “Lately” by Memoryhouse

About two years ago, I was the new face in the office of The Daily Freeman-Journal. When I joined on, I had no idea that my time here would help me grow so much professionally and as a person.

I was recently invited to talk at a meeting of the Diamond K Kiwanis in Webster City. Thanks to a great breakfast of pancakes, bacon and coffee over at Windsor Manor, I made it through the morning meeting and shared some information about myself and my work at the paper. It was an odd experience since I’m usually the person asking questions and listening to stories.

However, the slight stress of preparing for a public speaking program helped me reflect on my time here at The Daily Freeman-Journal. I’m thankful to the Diamond K Kiwanis for that as well as that great breakfast.

Looking back, I can hardly believe that a student who only became interested in journalism late in his high school career went on to major in it, find a job in his field out of college and share some very impactful stories. I’ve broken major stories. I’ve dropped everything I’m working on to run out to a burning building and test how close I can get without getting in the way of firefighters. I’ve talked with politicians at the highest levels of government.

These situations, as exciting as they may be, are uncommon. They’re the things I call home about. They’re the things I recap in these columns. What you don’t see me writing about are the things that keep me loving this job on a day-to-day basis.

I get the chance to go around town talking to people every day. I get a chance to experience most of the things going on around town. I get the chance to feel the pulse of Hamilton County each and every day. Really, it’s those people that I talk to regularly or that I meet only once that keep me interested. They keep me enjoying my job.

To everyone who has worked with me during my two years here, thank you very much. Your willingness to put up with me makes me glad to come to work. What’s even more exciting is that there are still many people I have yet to talk with. There’s new people out there to meet, new stories to find, new opportunities everywhere.

Thanks again to everyone I’ve met, and I hope to welcome those I haven’t soon.