Find a new hobby at your library

Looking for something new in your life? The library is a great resource for learning a new skill or taking up a new hobby, whether it is brewing beer or finally learning how to knit. Try one of the books below, or take some time to browse the nonfiction stacks yourself to find your new favorite hobby.

“Dave Miller’s Homebrewing Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Make Great-tasting Beer” by David G. Miller

Great for those just getting started with homebrewing. David Miller provides guidance for each step of the process, discussing techniques and offering advice. Perfect for the novice, but still useful for those who have some experience.

“Knitgirl: Learn to Knit with 15 Fun and Funky Patterns” by Shannon Okey

Knitting is making a comeback. While many may associate this needlecraft with their grandmas, the art of knitting is gaining in popularity with younger generations. Whether they are trying to save money by making something themselves, enjoy the artistic nature of it, or just simply enjoy the process, knitting is more popular than it has been in a long time. Shannon Okey guides new knitters through the process of getting supplies and learning the first stitches you’ll need to know before setting off on your first project.

“The Science of Good Cooking: Master 50 Simple Concepts to Enjoy a Lifetime of Success in the Kitchen (Cook’s Illustrated Cookbooks)”

While to some people cooking and baking are necessary chores, they can also be exciting and enjoyable hobbies. Learning the skills and concepts behind cooking can help make it easier to start trying new recipes. This book will help the beginner chef get started or provide the expert with a good review. From the Editors of America’s Test Kitchen.

“Homegrown Honey Bees: An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Beekeeping: Your First Year, from Hiving to Honey Harvest” by Alethea Morrison

With honeybee populations dwindling, this hobby is both fun and helpful to the environment! Cultivate your own beehive and help support the bee population. Plus, you’ll be able to harvest your own honey to enjoy and share with friends and family.

“Get a Hobby!: 101 All-Consuming Diversions for Any Lifestyle” by Tina Barseghian

Maybe you aren’t sure what hobby appeals to you? Take this fast track guide through 101 wildly diverse hobbies to see which sound the most appealing. Get recommendations based on your lifestyle and preferences for the best fit for you. And learn how to get started once you pick the hobby for you.