Northey stops at county fair

Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Bill Northey visited the Hamilton County Fair at midday on Wednesday.

During his visit, Northey met with contest participants who brought goats, horses and projects to the fair. He said county fairs across the state serve as a great way to bring communities together.

“Fairs are such a wonderful event, not only for the families that are involved but also for the rest of the community to come out and see some kids participating in agriculture and all the other things that happen at the fair,” Northey said.

The local county fair was important for him as a child. As such, Northey said he appreciates the work that volunteers, club leaders, FFA supporters, families and others do to make county fairs happen.

Northey continued his tour of county fairs around Iowa after leaving Webster City. He also participated in a tractor ride in Hardin county and hosted a meet and greet in Grundy County. He plans to visit Wayne County and Appanoose County today.