Kids of the fair

Hamilton County youths have put out their best effort preparing for this week’s round of shows at the fairground. Joleah Stuhr, 8, of Blairsburg, was attending to her bucket bottle lamb, Salt, on Wednesday, getting ready for today’s show that takes place at 5 p.m. at the show arena.

“When they were three days old, this one [another lamb] was black and this one was white,” Stuhr said. “So we named the black one Pepper and this one Salt, but they kind of grew out of their colors.”

The St. Thomas Aquinas elementary student said that her family has had the lambs since February, and have a rigorous process in keeping up with the young animals. “We wake up early, wash, dry and shear them,” she continued. “Before school, in the winter, we had to get bundled up and wake up at 6:30 in the morning.” Stuhr added that the lambs feel pretty secure with them, “When we open their gate, they run up to us. Because we work with them a lot, they know that we won’t hurt them.”

She said she enjoys walking, petting and practicing with the lambs. “It’s hard work, but we get through it.” Stuhr is hoping for better results this year, as she recounted that last year, her lamb got loose three times.

Horsing Around

Kamryn Vold, 10, of Jewell, won first place in the Western Pleasure Class for riders in the junior age category on Tuesday. “It’s my first time competing at this level,” she said. “My horse’s name is Lily. I work with her a lot and ride her.”

Although Lily lives at Vold’s uncle’s house, she said that she tries to see the horse on the weekends during the school year. Her favorite way to ride Lily is to lope. “I like to go fast,” she said. “It’s kind of scary the first time.”

While Vold has been busy with her horse, she is also showing pigs and competed with her pup in the dog show earlier this week. But the most fun thing to do at the fair? “I really like to go on the rides,” she said. “My favorite ride goes around in circles a lot.”

Quack Away

Aspen Wibholm 10, of Williams, won Champion Junior Showman at the poultry show with her duck, Quacker. “When he was a little baby, he was always quacking so much. So we decided to name him that.”

She’s had him for a bit over a year, but she said that he isn’t hard to maintain and is pretty easy going. “At the fair, once and a while, I have this spray bottle and have to spray and feed him.” Although she doesn’t have any other animals at the fair, Wibholm said that Quackers has a female duck companion at home.

Rabbit Adventures

Brothers Ben Heeren, 13, and Ty Heeren, 10, both of Stratford, competed Tuesday afternoon with their Polish rabbits. Ben received three purple ribbons, while Ty earned two purples, one of them a champion, and a red ribbon.

“I showed last year,” Ben Heeren said. “Every day we try to get the rabbits out and work with them, water and feed them.”

Ty Heeren said that while the brothers did well in the rabbit competition, they also show chickens and pigs at the fair. “I like working with the pigs best, because we probably do the best with them and it’s a lot of fun,” he said.