Showing off their talents

A dozen children and young adults showcased their talents at a show for the Bill Riley Talent Search at the Hamilton County Fair on Saturday.

Participants showed off their skills in dance, singing and music. The show hosted people from Webster City and areas across the state.

Five people in the sprouts division, age 2 to 12, were the first to perform. Emma Reiter, of Waterloo, won first in the division. She sang, “Waiting, Waiting.” K.D. Waltz, of Cedar Falls, won second in the division. She sang, “Why Should a Kid Have to Walk?” Addison Hayes, of Webster City, won third in the division for her dance performance set to the tune of “Splish Splash.”

Following the sprouts division performers, participants in the senior division, age 13 to 21, performed. Angelle Waltz, of Cedar Falls, placed first in the division for her vocal solo performance of “The Blue Danube Waltz.” Andy Schreur, of Kanawha, won second with a piano solo performance. Paige Carlson, of Dallas Center, placed third in the division for her vocal solo performance.

All of the performance who placed at the show, except for Carlson, said they qualified for the state fair talent search. The Iowa State Fair begins on Aug. 7 and ends on Aug. 17.