Bug cake wins big at HC fair

Visitors to the Hamilton County Fair went bug-eyed when they saw the winning entry in this year’s ugly cake contest.

The top cake, submitted by Amanda Ostrem, is covered in edible insects. The surface is covered in small insects such as roasted grasshoppers, beetles and mealworms. The cake also features several roasted madagascar hissing cockroaches. Ostrem said those cockroaches have droplets of artificial bubblegum flavor on them.

The ugly cake brought about many reactions from viewers, Ostrem said.

“Some people thought it was gross and some people thought it was cool,” Ostrem said.

Ostrem said she was inspired to make the cake by her father, an entomologist. He raised most of the bugs featured on the cake. The grasshoppers were caught outdoors. While her dad occasionally makes chocolate covered grasshoppers, Ostrem said she hasn’t eaten any of the insects on the cake. She has her cake, but prefers not to eat it too.