Building a better bank

Working is continuing on the new WCF Financial facility in Webster City with completion slated for January.

The upcoming 15,800-square-foot, two-story facility is located at the corner of Fair Meadow Drive and Superior Street. Work has been ongoing at the site since spring. Despite heavy rains as spring turned into summer, Construction Superintendent Dave Neisen said work has been going well. As of Monday, he said their work is a couple days ahead of schedule.

Much of the facility’s wooden frame has been completed. A couple large, brick structures have also been built. The south-facing brick tower, visible from the road, will house an elevator shaft. Another on the north-side will be used for a file vault. A large, metal vault has also been placed on the main level of the building.

Many areas of the facility are just beginning to take shape. That includes the community room which is visible from the main floor through the partially open ceiling. WCF Financial Senior Vice President Kyle Swon said the room will be available for public meetings and events. For instance, he said local service clubs could host their meeting at the bank and take advantage of amenities such as a planned kitchen area.

Office areas and other spaces have also been framed. But, those spaces won’t be fleshed out until additional work is completed. In the near future, Neisen said the construction crew will be closing in the building. That includes work on the building’s roof, adding sheet rock and installing insulation. Other work, such as building a parking area, has yet to take form.

While much remains to be done, WCF Financial is still looking to host a grand opening at the facility in early 2015.