Thanks to all who created quilt

To the Editor:

On July 27 at the Hamilton County Fair, my name was drawn for the beautiful quilt at the 4-H Building.

I was thrilled and feel very privileged to win the quilt, especially since it is the last quilt made for the 4-H Foundation.

I would like to thank all of the very talented quilters that made this quilt possible: Jenifer Crim, Lois Danielson, Verna Bierle, Barb Martin, Sharon Bergman, An Humble, Maurita Gourley, Dalene Schlitter, Joyce Ferrell, Violet Carlson, Nancy Spire, Bertha Shaw, Ella Carlson, Cindy Rippe, Jenna Williams, Linda Hutchinson, Jolene Rasmussen, Angela Wirth, Ryan Williams, Jodi Kraft, Ruth Shoars, Stephanie Fraser, Joan Gelder, Alice Heinrichs, Jennifer McCollough, Maxine Larson, Pam Ritter, Kristi Schrad, Janet Adix, Ellen Berven, Sharon Cline, Karen Johnson and the Gingerbread House. I hope I have not missed anyone who helped make this quilt possible.

Also a thank you to my husband who bought the tickets.

This quilt will be a keepsake and will be passed on to my children.

Thank you once again. Your work is amazing.

Marlene Jackson

Webster City