Foreign policy in focus

Rep. Steve King discussed topics including foreign policy and immigration at a town hall meeting in Webster City on Friday.

In front of about two-dozen people who attended the meeting at Town and Country Insurance, King said national discussion on foreign policy has gone cold over the past two years. It’s an important debate to have, according to King, who said current U.S. foreign policy has delivered few results to be proud of.

For instance, he said the growth of ISIS in Iraq has had brutal consequences such as the killing of Christians in the region. Speaking on the Arab Spring, King said the ousting of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was the only change which benefitted the U.S. Additionally, he said the U.S. needs to take a stronger stance against Russia following its recent involvement in Crimea. King said despite these instances and others, he doesn’t think President Barack Obama will change course.

“I don’t think the president is going to change what he does, but we do have presidential candidates coming into Iowa and I’d sure like it if Iowans step up and talk to these candidates about how important it is that we get our foreign policy right,” King said.

King also decried what he called a flood of illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. from its southern border. He recently took a four-day trip to southern Texas. There, King said he met with uniformed personnel, border patrol and civilians. He went on a night patrol of the border with officers and visited a detention facility. Among those he spoke with, King said there was a consensus on what should be done to remedy the issue.

“Every one of them that I talked to said you’ve got to send them back. If you don’t send them back, they will keep coming and the quicker you send them back, the quicker they stop coming,” King said. “We cannot take all of the people in from Central America into the United States of America.”

King visited Webster City as part of a tour of the 38 counties which comprise Iowa’s Fourth Congressional District. He said his town hall meetings have been well attended and have given him the chance to receive helpful feedback.

“I just wish that other members of Congress were able to get as good of advice as I get here. Maybe I should start bringing them to Iowa,” King said.

As the November general election draws closer, King said his campaign will begin to pick up. He is facing Democrat Jim Mowrer in the election. King said he looks forward to debating issues prior to the election.

“Iowans know what they think. We want fiscal responsibility, we want to repeal Obamacare, we want, I think, a strong and stable foreign policy and we want to secure the border and restore the rule of law. We want to strengthen our families and strengthen our communities,” King said.