Bringing the heat

A popular contest at RVTV last year is set to bring back the heat at this year’s event on Sept. 8.

Randy Wunschel and Holly Irvin are inviting the public to take part in a chili cookoff held on the evening of the event. Wunschel said the event was well received last year with many people entering their chili and enjoying samples. However, it was almost too popular for what organizers had planned.

“It turned out to be a lot bigger than we thought,” Irvin said.

The contest quickly ran out of cups for samples, and then ran out of chili soon after. To better prepare for the event this year, Wunschel said participants have to have at least one roaster full of chili to participate. The chili, which must be prepared on-site, will also be better distributed. Irvin said people will receive smaller cups to sample the chili. She said that way, everyone visiting the event will be able to enjoy the chili and participate in voting.

Several judges will be the first to try the chili beginning at 6 p.m. on Sept. 8. Judges will vote to give out three awards, including best overall chili, hottest chili and most unusual chili. Once judges have had a taste of all the chili, the public will get their chance to try out each dish. A people’s choice award will be given to the cookoff participant with the most votes from the community.

Those interested in entering the chili cookoff can contact the Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce at (515) 832-2564. Irvin said the entry fee for contestants has been waived this year. She said the cost was waived to try and bring more participants to the contest as the price of meat has gone up. Wunschel said those who might have trouble affording the required one-roaster full of chili can seek sponsors to help fund it.

Irving, who won the people’s choice award last year, and Wunschel, who won third place, are both planning on entering the contest again this year. They both look forward to competing for the top spot with others in the community.