Reports of big snake circulate

Rumors and speculation about an large snake loose at Briggs Woods Park have been circulating through the community via social media and word of mouth. But according to Hamilton County Conservation officials, those reports are all unconfirmed at this time.

Brian Lammers, executive director of Hamilton County Conservation, said he had first received a phone call Tuesday night about a reported sighting of the snake. Upon investigating the alleged location of what some have said is a 25-foot snake, no evidence was found, Lammers said. He also received text photo of the creature, but Lammer said he would not release that photo since he could not confirm it was taken at Briggs Woods.

“Right now there’s a lot of speculation. We’re trying to locate it and we’re following up on leads we receive,” he said. While several people have reportedly seen the snake, Lammers said no “public officials have seen it.”

Due to the lack of confirmation, Lammers wouldn’t speculate on what type of snake it might be, but did say it could be a pet that was released.

He encouraged the public to contact his office if they snake was seen.

“Please call our office and try to give us an accurate location,” he said, adding, “And definitely don’t approach it.”

While most snakes are not aggressive, according to Lammers, some will attack if they are threatened.

“Basically, most of them just try to get out of your way,” he said.

Campers at Briggs Woods Park said that three individuals who were fishing in the park Tuesday night reported they had seen a 20- to 25-foot snake. Dennis Slack, camper from southeast Iowa staying at Briggs Woods, said his campground neighbor investigated and had found what appeared to be a circular indentation area near the lake with a round channel leading down to the lake.

“I guess as a grandparent, it concerns me,” he said. He speculated that if there is such as snake in the park, that it was likely a pet that had been released.