Seeing stars at the Webster Theater

The Help Entertain and Restore Organization is inviting community members to “Be A Star” with a new fundraising project.

After the completion of the Webster Theater seat adoption campaign, Kay Ross, HERO board member, said the group began thinking of ideas for a new fundraiser. Ross said the Hollywood Walk of Fame came to mind. Rather than place stars on the sidewalk, HERO decided to create a wall of fame in the theater.

Through the “Be A Star” fundraiser, parties can donate to the theater and have a metal, gold star with their name on it placed on the wall. The stars are being made by Maverick Machine Tool Inc. in Webster City. Ross said the fundraiser is a great way for people who missed out on the seat adoption campaign to make a lasting mark on the theater.

“It’s much more visible to people when they walk in the theater because we’re going to hang them on the east wall,” Ross said.

Four stars have already been sold. The cost to purchase a star for the wall of fame is $300. Those interested in buying a star can do so by picking up a form at the Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce Office. Forms will also be available online at in the near future, according to Webster City Area Chamber of Commerce Director Deb Brown.

“I hope we run out of wall space,” Ross said.

Continued donations to HERO’s Save the Webster Theater project are needed, according to Ross, for several projects. The group is currently looking at working on the runway carpet and placing runner lights in the auditorium. Brown said HERO members are also looking at long-term projects. Eventually, she said the theater will need a new heating system. In several years, the movie house will also need new seats.

While Brown said ticket and concession sales will help fund those projects, Ross said donations have helped HERO move quickly toward opening night.

“We have raised over $200,000 since the end of January. That is mind-boggling to me,” Ross said. “That’s a community that really pulls together.”

“People want to go to the movies,” Brown said.