Sold by students

Webster City students are hitting the streets to raise money for school programs and projects.

The annual Magazine and Gift Fundraiser at Webster City Middle School kicked off this week. Students are selling magazine subscriptions, gifts such as chocolates, jewelry designs, holiday gifts and more.

According to a release from the school, 40 percent or more of the money raised from magazine subscription sales goes to the school. Profits earned will help fund field trips, assembly presentations, student celebrations and audio/visual materials. This year, Webster City Middle School has a goal of raising $30,000, which averages out to four orders per student at the school.

Students who turn in orders will receive prizes. Rewards range from a lanyard or candy with one order to a tub of candy or soda hat with sirens, among other options, at 15 orders. Thursday is the first day for students to turn in orders. Those who turn in three orders on the final day, Sept. 2, qualify to attend a game day on Sept. 5.

Specific classes are also competing for prizes through the fundraiser. Each day, the top-earning homeroom class will receive food prizes. Each homeroom class which raises $1,500 or has 80 percent participation in sales will be able to take part in a dodgeball event.

Those wishing to purchase items in the sale also have the option of supporting the school online. Those interested can purchase or renew magazine subscriptions through To support the school, buyers must look up Webster City Middle School by their account number, 2620037.

For more information about the fundraiser, contact Webster City Middle School at (515) 832-9220.