KYL: The ultimate study partner

I have to make a confession: I love this time of year. Despite the fact that I am no longer in school myself, and have no school-aged children of my own, there’s just something so exciting about a brand-new school term, and a community full of educators and students gearing up for a new year of development and learning. Here at the library we’re gearing up as well, to provide resources and support for students of all ages.


You may be familiar with Kendall Young Library’s online catalog, which allows you to browse our collections from our website. But did you know that the library has a special child-friendly online catalog as well? This catalog encourages children to explore our excellent children’s collections, and develop computer and technology literacy skills, skills that are so vital to their later success in today’s tech world. There is also a special section of our NEIBORS eBook catalog dedicated to the Kids Collection.

The children’s department also provides regular Preschool Storytimes (ages 3 to 5), Crafty Readers (ages PreK to grade 1) and Science Club (grades 2 to 5) during the fall and spring seasons. These programs encourage literacy and social skills through the use of rhymes, songs, crafts and activities, and of course, books. Check out the calendar on our website ( for program dates and times.


Teen Lounge meets at the library Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays after school from 3:30 to 5:30. Teens in grade 6 and up are welcome to use the space to study, do homework, or get research help. It’s also an opportunity to decompress from a day at school; teens are welcome to hang out with friends, play games, eat snacks, check out laptops, and do arts and crafts activities. As the school year gears up and the pressures of studies and extracurriculars begin to heighten, teens can use Teen Lounge times as a welcome oasis from the stress.


Whether you’re an adult going back to school, or simply looking for ways to supplement your knowledge or professional skills, the library wants to help you achieve your educational goals. LearningExpress is a database made available to any card-holding member of the library via our website. It offers test prep (GED, ACT, MCAT, etc.), ESL help, computer & software tutorials, and an Adult Learning Center for older learners interested in strengthening their math, reading and writing skills. Whatever your continuing learning needs may be, LearningExpress has something for you.

Whether you’re six years old or 60, your library card is an important back-to-school supply. So if you have yet to do this, make sure to stop by the library today and sign up for a free library card.